The Balancing Act

Have you ever felt like the only thing getting in the way of your success is your lack of organization skills? Is procrastination equivalent to a toxic ex that you always go back to because it's convenient? But I would like to believe that's the life for many millennials who have a million and one things going on, while struggling to balance it all. From school, work, internships, and social lives, where do you find the time for yourself? While this may be an ongoing battle for us 20 something's there is still some hope to get by 

Use your time wisely 

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This is my biggest struggle especially when faced with balancing summer school and two jobs last month I neglected a lot of things(including posting to this site and for that I apologize). But, contrary to popular belief, yes you can have it all well at least I think so. Organize your day into parts, from as little as brushing your teeth at 8 am to falling asleep at 11 if you have to. By organizing your week into daily tasks, it reduces the stress over forgtting to get things done. Make a checklist and become best friends with your checklist.

Wake up early. 

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Have you ever heard the saying time flys while you're having fun, well its the same when you're busy too. Buy waking up early every day you give yourself enough time to get things done. You also never know when someone needs you to be somewhere last minute, so its always better to be prepared.

Socialize Socialize Socialize. 

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The last thing you want to do is isolate yourself from others when you have a million things going on. Yes, alone time is important for self-reflection and overall, but sometimes a hug is needed, those endorphins can come in handy. When you try to take at least one hour to a day out of your week to spend with your family and friends, you will feel less alone and stressed out.

Practice self - care

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Just as we need good people in our lives to cope we also need our best selves. Regardless of what you're doing its important to incorporate some time to eat right, exercise and meditate. When we take the time to understand ourselves a little more, it becomes easier to assess what we can and cannot handle. Also, releasing all that feel-good endorphins aids in keeping a clear mind thats ready for the work week brings. 


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