Music Review:​ Jhene Aiko "Triggered"

Jhene Aiko has dropped her newly anticipated song and music video titled triggered to YouTube last night that expresses all the feels that one might go through after a bad break- up.   This song is about a woman who feels “triggered” which brings forth a spark of mixed emotions at the thought of her ex. At one point she never wants to see his face again but on the other hand, she wishes he would call her again.

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Triggered is rumoured to be about Jhene real life break up with Big Sean who allegedly left Jhene last year, and as he expressed publicly on social media,  it was a "toxic relationship". Months later  Big Sean took to  Instagram to express his sympathy for the late Nipsey Hussle's passing where Jhene commented a heartfelt lengthy comment that partly stated “ ... I love you... even though I get big mad and you trigger the f*ck out of me   I appreciate that because you make me feel, I thought I was dead instead but my ego has no say when it comes to you”.

These words also resonate with some of the lyrics to her newest song. I think it’s safe to say we have all have experienced or know someone who has experienced an ex that has pushed us to our breaking point, someone who is hard to forget and brought out the worst in us making this song completely relatable. Jhene's melodic voice over this soul filled track will surely pull on your heartstrings. Jhene is known for her multitude of songs that cover love, heartbreak and healing and earns the title as our generations  RNB poetic healer. With the success of her latest albums "Sailed out"  and "Trip" that released in 2017, hopefully, this sparks the beginning of more new music from Jhene Aiko in the near future. You can listen to Triggered on both Apple music and Spotify.


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