Back -To-School 101

It's officially the end of the first few weeks of school. Now that we're past the awkward first-day class introductions its time to get organized for a successful year. The following is the survival guide for a successful school year at your College or University. 

  1. Build Time Management Skills

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Your agenda should be your best friends, and I do mean that in the literal sense. Write down everything from what time you have to wake up to set your alarm to what assignments are due the next day. Agendas include calendars that you must use to set essential dates such as your job schedule, class times and study periods.

2 ) Build relationships

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Building relationships isn't just perfect for networking or a reference letter, but beyond that, it can change your C to A if you play your cards rights. Your professor especially should know you by name, not student number so participate!! Your getting credits for it anyway so why not !?. And don't be afraid to as questions with your prof during office hours either. Participating in class shows your prof your interest. So when it comes time to negotiate your grades, how can they refuse. Make at least one friend in every course. Mainly because it helps have a got to the person to exchange notes, be your partner in group assignments and study partner. Lastly, utilize the time spent with your academic advisor wisely. The worst feeling is realizing the taking courses you don't need. If you set up a meeting early with your counsellor, you mind find out about better classes or majors that benefit you simply because you ask.

3) Do the readings

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This point still applies to college kids. But especially for the university students out there DO THE READINGS, and I mean today like after you read this post open the books if you haven't already. Make notes on the readings, so you have something to allude to in your essays or during class discussions. Also, take notes in lectures with a pen a paper that copy your notes in your laptop right after. You never want to run the risk of your computer dying or being distracted. But if you have to use just your computer, still, rewrite your notes for clarity.

4) Join a Club

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Nothing says school spirit like joining a club or organization! Tuition is already costly, so why not enjoy yourself while you're there, especially if you have the time. Joining groups looks impressive on your resume and provides you with a sense of community/ belonging. The worst thing to do is to isolate your self, especially when you commute because going to school will eventually feel tedious. Joining an organization gives you something to look forward to and provides you with an opportunity to meet like-minded people. And the more friends you make, the more party options you have its a science ;). 

5) Have fun

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College and University is a fantastic experience, so why not live it to the fullest. You officially made it to your post-secondary of choice, and that's an accomplishment within its self. Where ever your post-secondary journey will take you to make sure its a fun and memorable one. Although it might feel like forever, your graduation date is closer than it appears. 


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