What Turns You On?

Keeping the fire alive between you and your partner takes more than communication and understanding. Some times the slightest thing that we don't expect can be a turn off regardless of the many years invested into the relationship. To maintain that "flame", it's essential to know each other's sex language and more importantly their turn on triggers. According to, sexologist and author Shannon Boodram, "Turn-on triggers is a method I developed to help people understand what, beyond instinctual biological norms, gets them hot and bothered. I've used this method in my counselling to help some understand why they lack desire in their loving relationships." In promotion of Shannon Boodrams book "The Games of Desire," she has developed a quiz to figure out what you and your partners turn on triggers are on found on www.thegamesofdesire.com.The following are the results in order of popularity.

1.) Mental

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These people are often referred to as "sapiosexuals", meaning that they have to be turned on mentally to have any sexual desires towards you. Maintaining good conversation is strengthening that mental connection is what turns this person on sexually.

2) Desire

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In all, if this was your results, dirty talk is your staple. This person needs to be told directly, how they look like, what their partners want to do to them or thinks, about them, before and after sex.

3) Environmental

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This one is my personal turn on trigger. These are the people who need their five senses stimulated to get turned on. The energy and or setting of the room plays a huge part in inhancing their sexual experience.

4) Visual

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For these people, what they see is what they want. For the visual, once you figure out their taste or aesthetics, that's all it takes to turn this person on instantly.

5) Cat and Mouse

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These are the people who enjoy the chase. This person is usually the dominate person who would rather chase you. For this person, you can not be force full in wanting to get them in bed your person likes to play the cat and is on the hunt for you.

6) Transactional

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These are the type of people who need something else beyond the physical acts of sex to be turned on. For these people, sex is not enough their needs to be an even trade to get this person in bed. This trade could mean getting them food, acts of service, or jewellery in exchange for a physical exchange later on.

In short, if you establish what turns you and your partner provided the six turn on triggers described above. The acts towards implementing these sexual triggers in regards to your partner(s) desires, will entice better sexual chemistry.


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