Album Review : "Tell me Like It Is" by Joèllen

On this weeks album review, we have the artist rob soloist Joèllen featuring her Debut EP titled "Tell me like it is". DEEJAYK and LCS produce this neo-soul RnB EP. "Tell me like it is" is also the name of a single on her track where Joèllen sings about a boy she wants the truth from with no filter. This energy is the vibe through out the whole album. The singer-songwriter sings about being more in love with herself then chasing someone on "Rather Be", and confronting a guy who's avoiding conflict on the track "Problems". Her use of airy melodic instrumentals and use of subtle piano instrumentals help ephasizing her vocals on the track Time also featured on her album. The EP Tell Me Like It Is is all about transformation when it comes to relationships and realizing your worth. Joèllen recently celebrated the release of her debut EP September 20th hosted mastermind of Flow 935. Listen to "Tell me like it is" on all musical platforms. If you want to keep up with Joèllen to find out what she is up to follow her on Instagram @joellenofficial.


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