Album Review : 2TRP.P BY TRP.P

Toronto’s hiphop scene is expanding, and its time for us to take notice. The sultry duo TRP.P has recently

released their newest album titled 2TRP.P pronounced “ trippy” produced by songwriter TRUSS who is one

half of the musical duo. Both members of the group are singer /songwriters; the other member goes by the

name of Phoenix Pagliacci who is also a former member of the group Sorority. This Canadian duo is giving us

all the feels with this new album, recently released earlier this month. Each song touches on a range of topics

from black queer love, loss and spiritual growth. Theses records consist of smooth melodies and upbeat

tempo that are lyrically suited to its respected compositions, of Neo-soul, afrobeat and hip-hop. The Toronto

natives have also released their self - titled EP , TRP.P, back in 2017. You can keep up with this musical duo on

Instagram @wearetrpp. Listen to TRP.P newest album 2TRP.P on Spotify, Apple Music and Soundcloud.


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